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Usmt Loadstate Invalid Store Path


RX602 Cannot view a remote logfile. Setup and Initialization 38 USMT_ERROR_CORRUPTED_NOTENCRYPTED_STORE An error occurred during store access Review ScanState log or LoadState log for details about command-line errors. RX5038 Invalid login. An option argument is missing Review ScanState log or LoadState log for details about command-line errors.

An inappropriate device such as a floppy disk was specified for the store Make sure that the store path is accessible and that the proper permission levels are set. Make sure that Winsock.dll is included in your path. The first number must be in the range 1-63, and the second number must be in the range 1-1023. RX4802 There is no destination specified for the selection you just made. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd823291(v=ws.10).aspx

Usmt Loadstate Invalid Store Path

The TCP/IP (Winsock) transport is selected in the Network Settings dialog box, but Winsock is not installed or available on your computer. Note that you must restart the server as opposed to resetting it. RX3500 Could not open RGB color file '%s'. For example,C:\Progress\OpenEdge NotesWhilst it is possible to manually address the issue by editing the registry and batch scripts, this approach is not recommended due to the number of files tailored.  Attachment

The you tried to run is not available. My Blog: http://www.petervanderwoude.nl/ Follow me on twitter: pvanderwoude Back to top #116 marine87 marine87 Member Established Members 15 posts Posted 08 December 2010 - 06:19 PM Take a good look at For more information on these errors please see the List of iMacros Browser Error Codes. Loadstate Syntax Bookmark the permalink. ← How can I manually add WinPE 5 boot images to System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 CU3 ?

Each font directory contains a file called Fonts.dir that serves as a database for the X server of the fonts contained in the font directory. RX5052 PCX$SERVER could not locate the .com or .exe file to execute. If you don't want your ad to run at the minimum bid rate, please pause it. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/askds/2010/03/01/usmt-4-0-cryptic-messages-with-easy-fixes/ Invalid Command Lines 26 USMT_INIT_ERROR Multiple Windows installations found Listfiles.txt could not be created.

Retry argument must be an integer Review ScanState log or LoadState log for details about command-line errors. Usmt Lac The /efs:hardlink requires /hardlink Review ScanState log or LoadState log for details about command-line errors. The XIE extension could not be initialized. Line?!?

Scanstate Arguments

An error occurred closing the store Data transfer has begun, and there was an error during migration-store creation or during the apply phase. http://knowledgebase.progress.com/articles/Article/CommandlineutilitiesfailswitherrorInvalidargumentspecified Review ScanState log or LoadState log for details about command-line errors. Usmt Loadstate Invalid Store Path If you were to lookup that 0x514 error you’d see it means “Not all privileges or groups referenced are assigned to the caller”. Usmt Error Code 26 See product help for more information on Backing store (X Server Settings dialog box).

Yes, this is by design -- more information is tucked away here. RX1423 If the Kanji strings appear to be incorrect when pasting, please change to the correct Client encoding method setting. RX5043 Unable to expand %s macro because command would become too long. This link has the full explanation: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd560781(WS.10).aspx As far as the XML errors go - it does seem like the XML package is missing. Scanstate Return Code 27

If you are using the Facebook API, consider including the following string in your targeting spec: {exclusion-targeting-spec}.1487465Invalid CPA Bid: The action type you selected is not allowed for Cost-Per-Action (CPA) bidding: About Reflection X Error List The status and error messages in Reflection X are listed by number in this technical note. RX5134 Could not find the Reflection X Virtual Desktop executable '%s'. Using internal keyboard map.

Rcom.dll is a file provided with Reflection for Windows. Return Code Html This setting reduces network traffic, but it also requires more memory than the other settings. Please change to the correct Client encoding method setting.

If you are using HP ARPA Services for DOS, there are two lines in your Protocol.ini file regarding UDP packets.

You may want to close clients individually before closing or resetting Reflection X. Enable the appropriate transport (click Network on the Reflection X Settings menu). Starting an XDMCP connection will close all clients and reset the server. Usmt_unable_set_efsmode The file name was supposed to be autoincremented from the Base file name specified in the X and Windows Clipboard Settings.

You have specified a Keyboard map file that has an invalid format. Problem When running loadstate I was using a wrapper to ‘catch' error codes and process them, but I wasn't catching Return Code 3 as I wasn't aware of that return code AND the best part is that there is only arround 200Mb free disk space needed. RX5116 The connection file could not be saved for the following reason: %s.

Close X clients and/or other Windows applications and try again. on Why does the Bitlocker recovery key not end up in the MBAM 2.5 SP1 database when using XTS encryptionWhy does the Bitlocker recovery key not end up in the MBAM To fix this, connect to a host that supports Telnet authentication, connect to a host using TELNET instead of KERBERIZED TELNET as your Method, or clear the Reflection Kerberos check box. RX5049 This connection (%s) was dropped.

Filter will not be saved. This message can be caused by a variety of problems. Specify a Host access security file in the Security Settings dialog box. Setup and Initialization Invalid space estimate path.

Make sure you are using the correct host name, and you are able to ping or establish a Telnet connection to the host. The default iimPlay timeout is 600s (other commands have different timeout default, see each command). An X client did not specify a valid font name, so Reflection X returned an error message to the client. When you make a change to a Reflection setting that requires a restart, you see a warning message to that effect.