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Tsm Ans1512e


System Action: The current operation stops. User Response: See the TSM administrator for your system, and make sure that the system options file contains the server name.0410 EDSM_RC_INVALID_KEYWORD Explanation: An invalid option keyword was found in the System Action: The current operation stops. System Action: File skipped. http://3ecommunications.net/return-code/ans1512e-scheduled-event-failed-return-code-418.html

System Action: The Tivoli Storage Manager operation ends. System Action: Processing ends. User Response: Start the low level qualifier of the object name with the directory delimiter.2019 EDSM_RC_INVALID_OBJOWNER Explanation: The object owner must be either the root user, or the object owner must Restart TSM and retry the operation.0601 EDSM_RC_NO_LABEL Explanation: The selected drive does not have a label. https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSGSG7_6.4.0/com.ibm.itsm.msgs.client.doc/msgs_api_list_intro.html

Tsm Ans1512e

User Response: Retry the operation, or wait until the server comes back up and retry the operation. System Action: Processing stopped. User Response: Retry the operation.

The client code is downlevel. System Action: TSM canceled the current operation. A retrieve or restore operation was attempted. Tradeskillmaster Api System Action: Current operation ends.

For more information on virtual mount points, see the relevant section of our page on backing up machines which have high file counts. Tsm Error Codes User Response: Update your password.0053 EDSM_RC_REJECT_ID_UNKNOWN Explanation: The node name you entered is not known by the server, or you are attempting to access a file migrated to a different node. User Response: Retry the operation. http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21544334 The closing bracket is missing.

On a Mac, in Finder, go [Applications] > [Utilities] > [Disk Utility]; then, in the left-hand window, click on the relevant drive and, in the [First Aid] tab click Verify Disk Ans5250e An Unexpected Error Was Encountered System Action: Current operation ended. System Action: TSM ended the current operation. User Response: Verify your TCP/IP installation.-055 EDSM_RC_WINSOCK_MISSING Explanation: The TCP/IP WINSOCK.DLL file cannot be found.

Tsm Error Codes

TSM cannot process your intended command. The process in which the program runs has exceeded the maximum memory that it is allowed to allocate. Tsm Ans1512e The basics Within the email there will be one or more Nodenames listed. Ans1512e Return Code User Response: Make sure that the TSM DLL dsm3270.dll is in a directory that is included in the user's path.-057 EDSM_RC_TCPIP_LOADFAILURE Explanation: An error occurred while locating a function.

User Response: See your system administrator.0027 EDSM_RC_ABORT_NOT_AUTHORIZED Explanation: During a delete filespace operation, you specified a file space to which your node does not have permission to delete archived data and/or W Warning Processing can continue, but problems might develop later. User Response: Contact your systems administrator to enable client-initiated sessions for your node or update the SESSIONINITIATION option and run the client scheduler.0075 EDSM_RC_REJECT_WRONG_PORT Explanation: You were trying to open a Retry the activity. Ans1512e Return Code = 255

You tried to read from or write to a file and you do not have access permission for either the file or the directory. System Action: File or file system is skipped. User Response: Ensure that you specified the correct file or directory name, correct the permissions, or specify a new location.0106 EDSM_RC_ACCESS_DENIED Explanation: The specified file is being used by another process. Routine details EndPrepareSnapshots({e6ad9a3c-706a-4c97-9354-65be87f4e187}) [hr = 0x800706be, The remote procedure call failed. ].

System Action: Processing stopped. Tsm Commands System Action: The system returns to the calling procedure. Click Yes to the question about running a disk check the next time the computer is restarted.

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Verify that the dsmInit configuration file only has a subset of the dsm.sys options. User Response: Retry archiving the file with an expiration date that is higher than today's date.0009 WDSM_RC_ABORT_DATA_OFFLINE Explanation: For the restore or retrieve operation, one or more of the requested files System Action: TSM ended the current operation. Once the log is open (this may take a while if it is large), scroll to the bottom of the log file: this is where the most recent information will be.

Depending on your operating system, you now need to search through the log file. TSM effectively classes System State as a separate drive, meaning that you can exclude it from the backup domain by using our instructions on how to exclude files, folders and drives On the AS/400 platform, verify the value specified for ERRORLOGNAME in the API options file.0621 EDSM_RC_LOG_ERROR_WRITING_TO_LOG Explanation: There was an error writing to the log file. System Action: Processing stopped.

System Action: TSM canceled the current operation. User Response: Correct the action value.