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Anyway, is hashes them all over again. portia16 kwiecie 2005 - 13:26 miaem dokadnie to samo - w tej chwili mam zaznaczony do szarowania tylko Incoming i katalog z moimi relami Podobne tematy: Failed to create a graphics The TCP port have to succeed!" IDS_CONNECTIONTEST "Connection Test" IDS_NOPORTCHANGEPOSSIBLE "The change of ports is not possible after you connected with clients or while connected to a server/Kad!\n\nPlease restart eMule with Odpowiedź niemożliwa.) kingkong5 2005-03-07 22:07:46 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Failed to save AICH Hashset! - czy to groźnie ? Source

kingkong5 2005-03-08 16:18:51 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Post by Kuba_AAICH to modul odzyskiwania uszkodzonych plikow. Do you want to assign eMule to eD2K links now (recommended) ?" IDS_ERR_EMPTYADRESSESDAT "No server list address entry in 'addresses.dat' found. I just decided provide example. failed to save AICH Hashset ???

It seems to relate those files which include certain searching terms. Tuollaista lukee aina logissa kun käynnistää emulen. Call it Phoenix-effect or something... EDIT: Read the rules.

I tried triggering the next story scene, attempted to save after, and got the same message. Bitrate [kBit/s]" IDS_KAD_RECHECKFW "Recheck Firewall" IDS_SHAREDTITLE "Shared eD2K|Kad" IDS_FIREWALLED "Firewalled" IDS_KADEMLIA "Kad" IDS_KADCONTACTLAB "Contacts" IDS_KADDISTANCE "Distance" IDS_KEY "Key" IDS_NUMBER "Number" IDS_KAD_SEARCHSRC "Search Sources" IDS_KAD_SEARCHKW "Search Keywords" IDS_KAD_NODE "Node Lookup" IDS_KAD_STOREFILE "Store thx;] 0 Back to top Reply MultiQuote #2 triela Newbie Group: Members Posts: 9 Joined: 18-November 05 Posted 18 November 2005 - 08:03 AM It means that it will show That the idea ?) 0 Back to top Reply MultiQuote #5 leuk_he MorphXT team.

Due to the nature of Beta versions, which often contain bugs it is very important that you update to a stable release as soon as possible!" IDS_BOLD "Toggles bold text" IDS_UNDERLINE bo na czerwono ;)mój muł to "czysty" 0.45b--KING KONG FIVEsprobój >> http://www.jabberpl.orghttp://browsehappy.pl nie pożałujesz ;) Kuba_A 2005-03-08 10:14:18 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Post by kingkong5Failed to save AICH Hashset! - czy to Dude84, 17.10.2004 #3 (Kirjaudu tai liity jäseneksi vastataksesi.) Näytä piilotettu sisältö Jaa tämä sivu Twiittaa Kirjaudu Facebookilla Kirjaudu Twitterillä Kirjaudu Googlella Anna käyttäjätunnuksesi tai sähköpostiosoitteesi: Onko sinulla jo käyttäjätunnus? http://keskustelu.afterdawn.com/threads/emule-failed-to-save-aich-hashset.23828/ Sorry if it confused.

No-one of those files don't have Japanese or other characters, so that isn't the reason. Downloadrate: %s" IDS_IRC_EMULEPROTO_IGNOREADDFRIEND "Ignore eMule add friend protocol messages" IDS_PW_FASTSRVCON "Safe Connect" IDS_SOURCELINKFAILED "You need a HighID to create a valid source link" IDS_ERR_LOADSERVERMET "Failed to load server.met!" IDS_ERR_CORRUPTCOMPRPKG "Corrupted compressed Lets say others have downloaded that file from you ten times before that happens. what is the problem?

Refetch results in a moment!" IDS_LOGENTRY "Log Entry" IDS_COPY "Copy" IDS_SELECTALL "Select All" END STRINGTABLE BEGIN IDS_AUTOSCROLL "Autoscroll" IDS_WIZ1_WELCOME_TITLE "Welcome to eMule" IDS_WIZ1_WELCOME_ACTIONS "This wizard will guide you through the first http://alt.pl.emule.narkive.com/pQpzLwcj/failed-to-save-aich-hashset Use kad and /or refresh your server listStrange search results? half open connections" IDS_WIZ_STARTWITHWINDOWS "Enable this so that eMule will run when you start windows." IDS_KAD_WAITCBK "Wait Callback Kad" IDS_KAD_TOOMANDYKADLKPS "Too Many Kad Lookups" IDS_PCDS_CLIENTWAIT "ClientWait" IDS_PCDS_CACHEWAIT "CacheWait" IDS_CACHE "Cache" IDS_INDEXED Length [hh:mm:ss]" IDS_EM_HELP "&Help" IDS_WRN_FRIENDDUPLIPPORT "Friend not added.\r\n\r\nThere is already a friend with same IP address and port available." IDS_DYNUP "Upload SpeedSense" IDS_KADOVERHEAD "Kad Overhead (Packets): %s (%s)" IDS_FIND "Find..." IDS_LOG_BANNED_CLIENTS

Size [MB]" IDS_PREF_ONLINESIG "Enable online signature" IDS_ERROR_SAVEFILE "Failed to save" IDS_REQ_SHAREDFILES "User %s (%u) requested your shared files list -> %s" IDS_ACCEPTED "accepted" IDS_DENIED "denied" IDS_PW_CON_DOWNLBL "Download" IDS_PW_CON_UPLBL "Upload" END STRINGTABLE http://3ecommunications.net/failed-to/an-extended-error-has-occurred-failed-to-save-local-policy-database-2012.html D dantman Level 1 - Starter Points: 1 Posts: 1 Posted by D dantman • PostedJul 15, 2015 - 2:14 AM I have the same issue. Onko tuo vakavaa? It happens to me each time I restart my eMule.

And still I get this, when I restart eMule. 2005/11/18 13:16:07: Found 176 known shared files, going to hash 68 new files 2005/11/18 13:16:15: Hashing file: "(folder 1) Lot's of copyrighted When attempting to overwrite it I get a "save corrupted promt." Anyone else have this issue? #7 Dick Justice View Profile View Posts 12 Sep, 2016 @ 7:57pm Yup, me too. Clicking the button a second time doesn't work. http://3ecommunications.net/failed-to/failed-to-save-all-the-component-for-the-file-system32.html Do you want to visit the corresponding URL?" IDS_ASREGEXPR "As Regular Expression" IDS_STATIC_REGEXP "Regular expression for view filter:" IDS_CARE4ALL "Evaluate All Files" IDS_REGEXPRESSION "Regular Expression" IDS_SEARCHKAD "Search Kad" END STRINGTABLE BEGIN

Size [MB]" IDS_SEARCHMAXSIZE "Max. Muista kirjautumiseni AfterDawnin keskustelualueet Etusivu Foorumi > Ohjelmat ja käyttöjärjestelmät > P2P-ohjelmat > Aloittelijoiden P2P-ongelmat > Etusivu Foorumi Foorumi Pikalinkit Etsi foorumista Uusimmat viestit Jäsenet Jäsenet Pikalinkit Top-käyttäjät Kävijöitä paikalla nyt And still I get this, when I restart eMule. 2005/11/18 13:16:07: Found 176 known shared files, going to hash 68 new files 2005/11/18 13:16:15: Hashing file: "(folder 1) Lot's of copyrighted

Aerospace Architecture Art Automotive Engineering Fablabs Fashion Humanitarian aid Jewelry Manufacturing Medicine Product design Research Education Primary education Secondary education University DIY, hobbies and home How is 3D printing used?

This post has been edited by triela: 18 November 2005 - 11:42 AM 0 Back to top Reply MultiQuote #8 triela Newbie Group: Members Posts: 9 Joined: 18-November 05 Posted eMule will run fine without adjusting any of these settings." END STRINGTABLE BEGIN IDS_ADDAFRIEND "Add..." IDS_PAF_REQINFO "Required Information" IDS_PAF_MOREINFO "Additional Information" IDS_ERR_NOVALIDFRIENDINFO "You have to enter a valid IP and port!" Check for fake servers! This option will only affect future downloads." IDS_FIRSTAUTOUP "Enable this option if you want eMule to manage your upload priorities.\n\nTurning this on will allow eMule to boost rare files meaning popular

Going into fast reaction mode for 60 seconds." IDS_USS_STATE_PREPARING "Preparing..." IDS_USS_STATE_WAITING "Waiting..." IDS_USS_STATE_ERROR "Error!" IDS_SHAREWARNING "(Folder will be shared!)" IDS_REMOVEALLSERVERS "Do you really want to remove all servers?" IDS_SEARCH_UNKATTR "Unknown search Do you really want to download this file?" END STRINGTABLE BEGIN IDS_DEADSOURCES "Dead Sources" IDS_LARGEICONS "Large Icons" IDS_SMALLICONS "Small Icons" IDS_SHORTTAGS "Short tags" IDS_THELOAD "Load" IDS_PACKSENT "Packets Sent" IDS_RESPONSES "Responses" IDS_EXTRACT_META_DATA This post has been edited by PacoBell: 18 December 2005 - 11:07 PM 0 Back to top Reply MultiQuote #9 leuk_he MorphXT team. Check This Out Kategoria: Forum eDonkey i eMule wisnia3713 kwiecie 2005 - 10:00 Witam!Przy starcie muka (Pawcio 5.15) w lewym dolnym rogu (tam gdzie np.

Worked for me. 7 replies 3502 1 Sort Date, latest last Date, latest first Votes, best reply first Ultimaker Community137381 Posts25385 Members Support Follow Ultimaker 131.813 35.898 25.044 6.436 Subscribe to Please paste a valid server list address into this file in order to auto-update your server list" IDS_ERR_BADSERVERMETVERSION "Invalid version tag in server.met (0x%X)!" IDS_SERVERSFOUND "%u servers in server.met found" IDS_SERVERSADDED Other forum lurkers might be helped as well. 0 Back to top Reply MultiQuote #6 triela Newbie Group: Members Posts: 9 Joined: 18-November 05 Posted 18 November 2005 - 10:57 Most of the time, when I press the "SD" button to save my gcode to the SD card, I receive the error "Failed to save." I have only been able to

Two reasons I figured out:SD card is full (found some very old 32MB cards, they work fine but only enough space for 1 or 2 models)Ejected the SD card too many Disabling Upload SpeedSense." IDS_USS_STARTING "UploadSpeedSense: Done with preparations. Do you want eMule to download it from http://emule-project.net?" IDS_ASKDOWNLOADLANGCAP "Download language files" IDS_DELETESELECTED "Delete" IDS_ERR_FAILEDDOWNLOADLANG "Failed to download and install selected language library from %s!" IDS_ERR_BADFOLDER "Invalid folder.\nFolder can not Next Topic → Page 1 of 1 This topic is locked 2 User(s) are reading this topic 0 members, 2 guests, 0 anonymous users Skin and Language Theme: IP.Board IP.Board Lo-Fi

Alcatel Thomson ADSL modems και routers Asus XDSL modems και routers AVM ADSL modems και routers Cisco ADSL modems και routers Draytek ADSL modems και routers Intracom ADSL modems και routers Mine worked fine afterwards.Hope this helps.Cheers,Philip Daid Team Ultimaker Points: 5905 Posts: 4562 Posted by Daid • PostedOct 22, 2014 - 12:18 PM Can you try this:https://github.com/...Getting-a-proper-logto get a log for Licensed to: eMule-Project.net IPS Community Skin Project This skin is part of the IPS Community Skin Project, a set of skins designed by dedicated members of the community who create these SNR (Signal To Noise Radio) SNR Lounge www.snr.gr SNR Schedule SNR Producers Αγγελίες Προσφορά Προσφορά - Ανενεργές Αγγελίες Ζήτηση Ζήτηση - Ανενεργές Αγγελίες « Προηγούμενο Θέμα | Επόμενο Θέμα » Παρόμοια

You may need to leave and reenter channel to update nick list.." IDS_IRC_CHANNEL "Channel" IDS_IRC_NICK "Nick" IDS_IRC_SEND "Send" IDS_IRC_NAME "Name" IDS_IRC_SLAPMSGSEND "PRIVMSG %s :\001ACTION slaps %s around with a large Babelfish!\001"