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Failed To Initialize The Crypto Context . Return Code 1

Hi, I am faicing the same issues when trying to install cognos 8 BI developper edition. Events Experts Bureau Events Community Corner Awards & Recognition Behind the Scenes Feedback Forum Cisco Certifications Cisco Press Café Cisco On Demand Support & Downloads Community Resources Security Alerts Security Alerts The default CSP can change between operating system releases. And I am running IBM Cognos 8 BI Developer Edition Manager: http://localhost:9400/cognos_developer/manager/main.html What could be the problem? http://3ecommunications.net/failed-to/failed-to-initialize-security-context-the-parameter-is-incorrect.html

Return Code = 9022 ERROR_INVALID_PRODUCTOPTIONID The Product Option ID authorized in the license is invalid or not for this application. See More 1 2 3 4 5 Overall Rating: 5 (1 ratings) Log in or register to post comments Leo Laohoo Tue, 04/07/2009 - 14:41 Thanks for the rating. Contact BEA Feedback Privacy © 2004 BEA Systems Cisco Support Community Directory Network Infrastructure WAN, Routing and Switching LAN, Switching and Routing Network Management Remote Access Optical Networking Getting Started with ACTION Check application program and correct. 9040:ERROR Inbound Confirm not supported DESCRIPTION Host application is requesting an inbound confirm.

This is most often a pointer that is not valid. DESCRIPTION Attempting to cold start host while warm starting Tuxedo. An application can obtain the name of the CSP in use by using the CryptGetProvParam function to read the PP_NAME CSP value in the dwParam parameter. ACTION Examine stderr and the ULOG for additional information concerning the failure. 9002:ERROR Unable to create APPC Server for %s.

ACTION Change start type to COLD and restart. 9010:ERROR failed with failCode DESCRIPTION A conversation has failed with the stack return code of . may appear as: Outbound How Did We Do? Return Code = 9016 ERROR_CONTEXT_INVALID The API context is invalid. You plan to export a symmetric key, but not import it within the crypto context's lifetime.

Wed Nov 10 21:20:37 2010 INFO t330 CBSBootstrapService CBSBootstrapService::Run() - child process(es) is/are ready. Once you have purchased a Protection PLUS 5 SDK license, you will be able to generate a new, non-expiring envelope in SOLO Server, or you may open a ticket to request ACTION Check host application program and correct. 9041:ERROR Inbound Confirm for multi-ISRT not supported DESCRIPTION Host IMS application is requesting an inbound confirm and using multiple ISRT commands. http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg1IO23990 Return Code = 9017 ERROR_STRING_CONVERSION_FAILED String conversion failed.

When you have finished using the CSP, release the handle by calling the CryptReleaseContext function. Instead, either prevent key storage by passing the CRYPT_VERIFYCONTEXT flag in the dwFlags parameter, or use an application-specific container that is unlikely to be used by another application. Return Code = 9201 ERROR_COULD_NOT_SAVE_LICENSE License could not be saved. phpinfo shows that it's enabled correctly.

Member alcohol commented Dec 14, 2015 Can you provide full output (run the command in -vvv mode)? from localhost_ds_log.2010-11-10.txt 2010-11-10 16:20:24 StandardContext[/axis]: Resources start failed: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Document base ..\tomcat4.1.27\..\webapps\ds does not exist or is not a readable directory at org.apache.naming.resources.FileDirContext.setDocBase(FileDirContext.java:193) at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.resourcesStart(StandardContext.java:3343) at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.start(StandardContext.java:3473) at org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase.start(ContainerBase.java:1188) at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardHost.start(StandardHost.java:738) OS: Window Vista Version: Cognos BI 8.4.1 Developer Edition Log in to reply. Return Code = 9221 ERROR_COULD_NOT_READ_PERMISSIONS An attempt to read a file or registry key's permissions failed.

ACTION Contact BEA Customer Support. 9015:ERROR INTERNAL ERROR: server registration failed DESCRIPTION Internal error registering the APPC server. weblink All key pairs in the key container are also destroyed. You signed out in another tab or window. Return Code = 9222 ERROR_COULD_NOT_SET_PERMISSIONS An attempt to set a file or registry key's permissions failed.

dwProvType [in] Specifies the type of provider to acquire. When the query returns true, the resource manager * * stops initializing the encryption keys at the first startup * * time. * **************************************************************** * RECOMMENDATION: * * NO * **************************************************************** ACTION Correct the stackref that is in error, run dmloadcf, and restart. 9017:ERROR INTERNAL ERROR: link registration failed DESCRIPTION Internal error registering the link. http://3ecommunications.net/failed-to/failed-to-enable-crypto-php.html wzrdtales referenced this issue May 3, 2016 Open Curl transfer #2696 wildabyss commented May 6, 2016 The problem appeared to be that I had both http_proxy and https_proxy env set up.

The combination of the CSP name and the key container name uniquely identifies a single key on the system. You are verifying a signature. You are generating a symmetric key to encrypt or decrypt data.

This normally occurs when the API entry in the gateway configuration for the remote service specifies CICS instead of ATMI.

DESCRIPTION An attempt to connect to the CRM as a master gateway was made when the CRM was running in autonomous mode. To ensure interoperability on different operating system platforms, the CSP should be explicitly set by using this parameter instead of using the default CSP. ACTION Contact BEA Customer Support. 9052:WARNING Inter-task Message dropped (), parm= From: to DESCRIPTION An internal message between two tasks has been dropped. HCRYPTPROV hCryptProv = NULL; // handle for a cryptographic // provider context LPCSTR UserName = "MyKeyContainer"; // name of the key container // to be used //------------------------------------------------------------------- // Attempt to acquire

Return Code = 9217 ERROR_COULD_NOT_OPEN_REGISTRY_KEY An attempt to open a registry key failed. For Base Providers, this means that the keys are stored locally on the computer that created the key container. All provider types must be from 1 through 999, inclusive. http://3ecommunications.net/failed-to/wpa-supplicant-exited-with-return-code-1.html Not really Composer itself.