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Jun 29, 2010 1. Member kargakis commented Sep 12, 2016 For Deployments, we should switch kubectl rollout status to use Conditions (#19343) This was referenced Sep 23, 2016 Closed kubectl: wait for a specific deployment I realise on highly distributed systems the job completion won't guarantee consistency, but for smaller web applications it would be sufficient. Sorry for muddying the waters. have a peek here

PDF | Kindle On this page:SyntaxPropertiesReturn ValuesExamplesSee AlsoTerms of Use | © 2017, Amazon Web Services, Inc. bgrant0607 referenced this issue May 6, 2015 Open Eliminate Phase from the API #7856 Member bgrant0607 commented Jun 4, 2015 cc @erictune This was referenced Jun 16, 2015 Closed There should Why wouldn't the other BSD's import the feature escapes me... –Mikhail T. Public IP for my server is of type xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx (My machine is mapped to the ip so to connect I need to mention the port as well).I am running IIS and hop over to this website

Bash Sleep

This method waits for a child to appear in the parent’s child list for a specified timeout period. smarterclayton referenced this issue Apr 6, 2016 Merged Add watch.Until, a conditional watch mechanism #23912 bgrant0607 modified the milestone: next-candidate Apr 28, 2016 bgrant0607 referenced this issue May 9, 2016 Open GroupIndex - Specifies the process instance if there are several WINWORD processes running in the operating system. So I am thinking if heat-kubernetes create stack issue or that fedora image cloud-init issue ?

This works perfectly..wait without args will block the process until any child processes finish. For more information about wait condition signals, see Wait Condition Signal JSON Format.Example return value for a wait condition with 2 signals: { "Signal1" : "Step 1 complete." , "Signal2" : At least all systems that cause disruptions (e.g., rolling updates) need to be aware of them. View 3 Replies Media Server :: Failed To Load Application Instance PublishLive/live?

On the second page you can specify the value to be assigned to the variable. Being aware of the state machine of the resource type is required - if you ask for "Running" but are in "Failed" you're right, you should stop. If the heat-api-cfn service is running, connect to the kubernetes minion and look at the file /etc/sysconfig/heat-params. All Rights Reserved. | Powered by Help | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy and Cookies (UPDATED) | Forum Help | Tips for AskingJive Software Version: , revision: 20160218075410.6eafe9c.release_8.0.3.x Home

You can optionally set the Count property, which determines the number of success signals that the wait condition must receive before AWS CloudFormation can resume creating the stack.To control when the Is there anything else I need to do in Flash Media Live Encoder? Sarah has also worked with Hewlett-Packard, the San Diego Supercomputer Center, Nvidia, and Microsoft Research in Beijing. For more information and an example, see Creating Wait Conditions in a Template.

Bash While

Monitoring systems are going to be built using the primitives we provide - and there is a big hurdle for most systems to integrate our API. check my blog Timeout is a minimum-bound property, meaning the timeout occurs no sooner than the time you specify, but can occur shortly thereafter. Bash Sleep share|improve this answer edited Jan 3 at 19:26 answered Jan 21 '15 at 16:00 Mikhail T. 608416 > BSD and Solaris: Inspecting the three big BSDs that come to Json Formatter Mar 8, 2009 If I have code:Code:Alert.show('Please respond');request.send();In this code, flex will pop alert to screen and immediately send out the request.

To use the AWS Documentation, Javascript must be enabled. It can be achieved with custom polling for the change but this adds some ugly complexity to the deploy process. API - SoapUI NG Pro - LoadUI NG Pro - Secure Pro - ServiceV Pro - TestServer SwaggerHub AlertSite Performance Monitoring AlertSite Testing TestComplete - Desktop - Web - Mobile TestLeft Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox.

failed) Determine default wait status for a resource type (can/should we standardize?) Providing a template super cedes status conditions pkg/client/conditions.go example of utilizing closure for wait conditions Reply to this email Contributor smarterclayton commented Nov 21, 2015 @bgrant0607 note that this is the primary use case for deployment hooks (pre, post, or middle). For example:"myWaitHandle" : { "Type" : "AWS::CloudFormation::WaitConditionHandle", "Properties" : { } }Declare an AWS::CloudFormation::WaitCondition resource in the stack's template. I agree that each Kind will have its own sort of conditions that you might want to wait on.

These are WaitWinFormsObject, WaitCLXObject, WaitJavaFXObject, WaitQtObject, WaitSlObject, WaitWPFObject, and so on. If you want a secure way, use e.g. If we decide to go that path we should rely on a syntax pattern for , something like resource-state (as in pod-running) keeping the same naming conventions already used in other

Or what might be wrong with the videos or streaming?

Related: #3585, #1768, #3692, #1535, #6487, #6597 Contributor smarterclayton commented Apr 17, 2015 For API waits are you referring to watches for more specific conditions? Where can I report criminal intent found on the dark web? This new edition also provides additional exercises and a new appendix on C programming to strengthen the connection between programming and processor architecture. Perform a rolling-update.

Owner larsks commented Mar 14, 2015 the number of minions is 1 I set, but I only find one instance, Should it be two instances ? (one is master, the other TestComplete will add the operation to the keyword test. Contributor smarterclayton commented Mar 1, 2016 I have a watch based wait implementation that will merge into 1.3 that provides low level primitives like wait.Poll. The request method must be PUT and the Content-Type header must be an empty string or omitted.

Apr 21, 2010 I came across a very strange issue. I mean here more of something at would be internal to the implementation. in argument of macro or environment What reasons are there to stop the SQL Server? For information on how to do this, see Specifying Custom Timeouts For Operations.

View 7 Replies Media Server :: Run Fmsedge Process Without Root Access? Aug 7, 2011 im using FMS4 as origin server and connect to FVSS from CDN, whose FVSS version's FMS3.5. Type the following code into the Value cell: JavaScript, JScript Python VBScript DelphiScript C++Script, C#Script JavaScript, JScript KeywordTests.KeywordTest1.Variables.p.Exists Python KeywordTests.KeywordTest1.Variables.p.Exists VBScript KeywordTests.KeywordTest1.Variables.p.Exists DelphiScript KeywordTests.KeywordTest1.Variables.p.Exists C++Script, C#Script KeywordTests["KeywordTest1"]["Variables"]["p"]["Exists"] Choose equal to in Jan 3 at 19:25 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote There is no builtin feature to wait for any process to finish.