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failed to load protocol handler offlinevaultph3x

failed to load image catalog

what is javahl

port mapping: failed to initialize the miniupnp interface

failed to connect to the existing server farm located at the specified database server

failed to load server met file


failed to resolve nameservice transient

failed to load docbook .dtd

failed to parse runtime descriptor java.lang.nullpointerexception

directx failed to initialize windows 7

failed to create d3d device left 4 dead 2 non steam

error 1904 module failed to register crystal reports

failed to create video filter2

zimbra daemon: bind(7) failed errno=98 (address already in use)

bindservice fails

failed to open bigfile 003

failed to create graphics context battlenet

failed to set patchlist.txt

file_get_contents failed to open stream error handling

failed to lazily initialize a collection of role hibernate

failed to communicate with resource requester 811

unable to connect to cups server localhost:631 - connection refused

failed to build vmnet. failed to execute the build command. ubuntu

failed to retrieve share list from server ubuntu 10.10

error occurred in deployment step 'activate features' failed to instantiate file from module

failed to add new steam library folder windows 10

failed to initialize modeling engine visio 2003

failed to use directshow video engine

failed to copy altiris agent install service

failed to boot lnx 0x0004 xoom

failed to find an appropriate pixelformat jedi academy

failed to load the jni shared library lib/i386/client/libjvm.so

failed to convert into a drawable color value must start with #

javax.naming.communicationexception: failed to connect to server localhost:1099

failed to open find create sandbox directory

failed to execute linuxrc attempting

failed to create swap file permission denied

kodi webserver failed to start

failed to update protection modules combat arms

failed to decrypt using provider 'custom provider'

aspi32.sys blocked from loading

php fopen failed to open stream permission denied

failed to create ejb/collaxa/system/serverbean bean

mcafee endpoint encryption fatal error failed to deserialize type

failed to connect to github.com port 443 connection timed out

vmware module disk power on failed

payday 2 failed to create game

telerik error creating control

failed to update firmware power cycle the printer

failed to detect canonical device

failed to initialise mime mail ant

failed to map parent link ninode

adobe installer failed to initialize mac

failed to start monitoring file changes web.config

no scan results iwlist

failed to execute transaction on idbdatabase the database connection is closing

mysql could not open log file

failed to read database checkpoint

failed to run fw comp

failed to create direct3d 9ex device undertale

failed to copy preflight options during recovery mode restore 3014

failed to open port lpt1

failed to load firmware radeon/rv770_pfp.bin

php copy failed to open stream permission denied

morrowind snowflake error

failed to open a rowset crystal reports 9

failed to create sieve storage with data

failed to read data from report file unable to launch

failed to write to disk owncloud

failed to load word verify rom and rom settings

keepalived_vrrp: warning: failed to connect to the agentx master agent

failed to load javahl library eclipse windows

failed to load interface for graphics.rendering.opengl

getimagesize failed to open stream no such file or directory

derby failed to start database with classloader

failed to transmit

failed to open graphics

failed to load imap envelope

failed to acquire the cryptographic context selfssl

failed to create drawable thunderbird

nvidia module does not exist

failed to initialise mime mail javax mail messagingexception ant

failed to rsa sign the hash for ike phase 1

failed to send alert message to browser

failed to open page safari

uvcvideo failed to query (get_def) uvc control

failed to invoke startup class web services startup class

norton liveupdate failed to complete 2016

failed to connect to the autopatch server crazy tao

failed to get registry service for url

act failed to open a connection to the database

failed to read rss feed

failed to parse source failed to resolve schema nsuri

failed to mount boot gentoo

jupyterhub failed to start proxy

chroot failed to run command /bin/bash exec format error

ue4 exited with code 5. please verify that you have sufficient rights to run this command.

failed to build vmnet. failed to execute the build command.

failed to create the protected output directory sharepoint

failed to initialize communication with eventia reporter server

remote communication server failed to start kodi fix

rsl error 1 of 29 error #2046

failed to insert dummy sta entry

failed to initialize communication with eventia reporter

failed to create a vss snapshot

javax.naming.communicationexception: failed to retrieve stub from server

failed to shutdown iasconsole gracefully

failed to lock vertex buffer in cmeshdx8 lockvertexbuffer dota 2

failed to open sms_client wmi class access denied

failed to load the wnaspi32 dll driver

failed to call network routine to receive an ajp13 message

rld.dll for pes 2012 free download

makemkv failed to save title

adobe cs6 installer failed to initialize missing file

failed to get image information blackberry

failed to verify signature for ports tree

pxe::mp_reportstatus failed; 0x80004005

failed to execute default web browser xfce

failed to decode packet java.lang.illegalargumentexception


module diskearly power on failed

node js failed to load resource

failed to create the input device for

failed to load debug msp430

failed to enter common language runtime (clr) with hresult 0x80131022

failed to create display device instance

failed to ping jco destination sap

failed to read description. error code 2 services

jboss 7.1 failed to process phase post module of deployment

failed to retrieve the machine name from sms database

failed to load file storage card android zimage

failed to synchronize achievements fix

failed to load configuration file. module activated with default settings

failed to impersonate the current user to the vmware vcenter converter

failed to init ageia physics sdk

failed to bind to port mac

failed to derive product directories

vcenter appliance waiting for vpxd to initialize

failed to connect receiver on endpoint mirth

failed to open readmem file in read mode

failed to find rootfs on sd card android

failed to open sony tv tuner device

wpa_supplicant exited with return code 1

failed to run install script call of duty black ops

installer failed to initialize adobe cs6 windows 7

failed to get the boundary dundas

failed to open the winnt service manager

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