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failed to register as an agent arch

failed to acquire requested service

msi afterburner

failed to specialize function template thread

failed to switch in fullscreen mode

failed to validate this host with the emm server netbackup

failed to set write parameters

failed to connect virtual device ethernet0 esxi 6

failed to create direct3d device object d3derr_invalidcall hatas

failed to load pre requisites for the application

asus xtion usb 3.0 hotfix

org.apache.cxf.service.factory.serviceconstructionexception failed to create service jboss

netapp snapdrive failed to enumerate lun

failed to mount windows share 11.04

failed to upload package to epo server

comdlg32.ocx failed to load windows 7

failed to register with windows terminal services sony vegas

failed to decrypt a - data

failed to create volume snapshot 0x8004231f

the content files for package hasn't arrived from site sccm 2012

failed to allocate memory for structured resource

laravel ob_end_flush(): failed to send buffer of zlib output compression

failed to access netbt driver windows 7

failed to allocate internet-domain x11 display socket aix

perl tk messagebox

failed to add device to wcs reason

caused by: org.apache.maven.project.invalidprojectmodelexception: failed to validate pom for project

nohup failed to run command no such file or directory

failed to stat vfb

failed to load dsapi

failed to log into nfc server during download from datastore

failed to make cisco_ipsec

failed to initialize the appdomain /lm/w3svc/root

failed to start the spadmin service

acronis failed to create volume snapshot

failed to access pim folder

mcafee epo 5.3 failed to connect to the software catalog server

'zmc -d /dev/video0' exited abnormally, exit status 255

failed to start jmx connector cannot bind to url

failed to create ea account battlefield 1943

the report server installation is not initialized. (rsreportservernotactivated)

the interface of network profile is already up

failed to initialize ttm buffer manager falling back to classic

failed to open stream permission denied move_uploaded_file

failed to access source file 3 sccm

failed to query tcp/ip settings of the connection. cannot proceed

failed to delete oci.dll

failed to differentiate the equation

failed to authenticate ourselves to peer beeline

failed to establish tcp connection itap

failed to initialize gamemon gunbound

failed to send email socket closed

getupdate - failed to get targeted update, error = 0x87d00215.

failed to find suitable video setting call of cthulhu

cydia failed to fetch ios 9

failed to register config mbean

carbon datetime::__construct(): failed to parse time string

failed to create remote load library thread

failed to verify code signature ios

failed to allocate video memory civilization iv

failed to submit video urb -19

getimagesize failed to open stream wordpress

ssl connect error 2

failed to read database file

ubuntu 16.04 failed to raise network

ssh server refused to allocate pty

failed to attach the network lun (verr_intnet_flt_if_not_found).

failed to initialize visual basic for apps solidworks 2014

failed to activate control vb.usercontrol

failed to download information about the next patch diablo 3

uvcvideo: failed to initialize the device (-5)

failed to create designer system.web.ui.webcontrols

failed to delete the appmgmt dir

failed to register a vbscript dll outlook 2016

failed to push altiris agent

factorytalk view me failed to load tag runtime server

failed to create d3d device csgo

failed to pause catalog for backup

failed to create debug directory opensso

nvidia failed to initialize the glx module

apt get update failed to fetch could not resolve

gtk-message failed to load module canberra-gtk-module ubuntu

failed to import extension hgext hct

failed to reset d3d9 device dota 2

failed to get visible domains

the dynamic library rld.dll failed to initialize e5 fix

failed to open vdpau backend libvdpau_nvidia.so

failed to erase reiser4 signature on partition

failed to create the crystal database connector windows 7

register replica node with system manager drs master failed.

failed to load sstab control from tabctl32.ocx

failed to initialize the video capture plug in video studio

failed to load evdev gentoo

could not determine root device from /etc/fstab

failed to load the ppm image samsung

failed to install catalog files sp2

failed to initialize ocrdump

failed to update binding information. (mscorlib)

bumblebee failed to load module mouse

failed to open /var/named/chroot/var/run/named.pid for writing

failed to execute goal org.jenkins-ci.tools

package microsoft sql management studio package failed to load 2008 windows 7

failed to load sqlspars

failed to emerge sys-libs/glibc-2.10.1-r1

failed to start monitoring file changes. asp.net

failed to connect to a windows service windows 10

failed to parse xml

failed to send cue sheet

failed to retrieve directory listing vsftpd centos

failed to read libgmailer or id_key from server

failed to open datebook database palm

kali linux failed to determine the codename for the release

error failed to build gem native extension mysql2

failed to find valid tee video or audio pin

failed to acquire ownership of primary clipboard rdesktop

twitter photos not showing

failed to create d3d object h1z1

failed to find romfile pxe-pcnet.rom

failed to retrieve player information from server pokemon go

frm 92050 failed to connect to server java exception

failed to load vmmr0.r0 (verr_suplib_world_writable).

failed to change password. illegal username

failed to lookup dc info for domain over rpc undetermined error

failed to create acronis secure zone

failed to read a valid greeting from pop server pop.mail.yahoo.com

failed to boot 0x1000 atrix

failed to initialize selected paper source

hp usb disk storage format tool failed to format the device

webconfigurationmanager openwebconfiguration web config

failed to get the list schema xml for feature template

failed to start debugger the execute permission was denied

service auditd start failed

could not change remote directory 550 failed to change directory

failed to contact server counter strike 1.6

failed to write dataset

failed to set file attributes steam

failed to retrieve database schema version information

failed to process tld with path /spring and uri /web-inf/tld/spring-form.tld

failed to execute pci-db

failed to initialize direct3d with current settings tomb raider

failed to resolve the source for sms pkgid hr=0x800700a1

failed to contact service for service-unavailable

failed to call the odbc driver connection utility visual studio 2010

smbpasswd could not connect to machine nt_status_logon_failure

failed to find service blackberry bluetooth

vmware workstation 12 shrink disk

failed to set channel to reverting to kstate_none

failed to connect to the on access driver

failed to qualify

failed to execute the command bulkinsertcommand for table

failed to allocate memory project64

failed to refresh network print server data citrix

failed to write to var www bad file descriptor

how to fix windows failed to start without disc

failed to restore system files rc=23

failed to receive request packet header 2

nvidia glx module

wlan0 failed to initialize driver interface

failed to save machine microsoft windows nt secedit gpttmpl.inf

failed to set the environment variable path

failed to find entry for user smbpasswd

simplexml_load_file() i/o warning failed to load external entity php

failed to identify init_dev_params failed err_mask 0x80

failed to save all the component for the file system32

failed to resolve com.twitter.sdk.android firebase

jbas018740: failed to mount deployment content

the following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: i8042prt

failed to retrieve password from secrets tdb samba

failed to load module "pk-gtk-module" centos

failed to load resource chrome

mqjms2005 reason 2009

failed to load the ppm image ubuntu

failed to schedule software protection service for re start at error code 0x80070005

failed to read file dbfilesclient declinedword dbc

failed to navigate from registry-state.displayname

failed to start because btwhidcs.dll was not found

failure to get player information from the server pokemon go

failed to create enough semaphores

failed to deploy application at context path netbeans

failed to get information on physicaldrive from node status 50

failed to start load kernel modules arch

failed to load cpanel user file for root

failed to initialize the orb root exception is org.omg.corba.initialize

80072efd wsus client

failed to generate additional resources during transaction puppet

java.io.ioexception: failed to dynamically deploy this plugin jenkins

failed to load database information crystal reports ttx

failed to create empty document enterprise architect

chan_sip.c: failed to authenticate device

failed to create phonebook entry airtel data card

[error] failed to execute getoutboundbacklogfilecount method. err: -2147217406 (0x80041002)

failed to install network adapter

failed to execute child process gksu

failed to retrieve share list from server: connection timed out

vmware srm internal error: unexpected error code: -1

slf4j failed to load class org slf4j impl staticloggerbinder maven

scandir failed to open dir: not implemented

failed to initialise d3d psx

failed to valid the proxy address template sip

failed to start because lsasrv.dll was not found

nvrm: rm_init_adapter failed for device bearing minor number 0

failed to create sandbox directory

opmn failed to start a managed process after the maximum retry limit

how to fix windows error recovery windows 7

failed to contact service for printer not-found

jack server is not running or cannot be started ubuntu

failed to initialize the appdomain /lm/w3svc/5/root

failed to send packet trying to query name workgroup

failed to install the z-san scsi miniport driver

failed to enumerate nameservice

error creating control failed to create designer

failed to build gem native extension rails

steam fatal error failed to connect with local steam client process

failed to load sound mixcraft

failed to create pb2 system file

failed to add directory: an unversioned directory of the same name already exists

failed to download file blackshot

failed to set the current tree name

moonlight failed to start rtsp handshake

thunar failed to open on

failed to get volume guid for device error 3

ipswitch failed to load resource dll

could not load file or assembly xmlserializers

ssis failed to decrypt protected xml node dts property

failed to initialize 3d audio

chrome developer tools failed to load response data

failed: crosstool_wrapper_driver_is_not_gcc failed: error executing command

vpxd failed to initialize in time

fastcgi failed to connect to server connect failed

failed to enumerate domains uag

steam failed to start game app already running

mount_osxfusefs failed to mount operation not permitted

xvfb failed to start docker

failed to set drm interface version 1.4: permission denied

failed to load imagelist from mscomctl.ocx

failed to process message_status_update request

failed to open sound input device. rc10 createcapturebuffer failed


failed to create the virtualbox com object linux

esxcli system module parameters list

failed to build graph winfast

mount_autofs_indirect: failed to read map for

failed to lookup domain bootstrapper

failed to write data to server java.net.socketexception

failed to load debugee iar

hax is working and emulator runs in fast virt mode.

notability failed to unpack file ipad

failed to load module gnomebreakpad fedora

failed to initialize player direct3d

this document failed to print windows xp

failed to install gnome-doc-utils

failed to execute sql statement biztalk 2009

failed to extract isrt

failed to initialize xixa

failed to start natd

file get contents timeout

failed to issue the starttls instruction

failed to open to wmi namespace '\\.\root\ccm' (80041002)

failed to install module failed to create new pty

remote communication server kodi

failed to open sound device mp3blaster

failed to preview report report builder 3.0

roses diseases and treatment

failed to open the file resources resources.en-us.resx

coreapplication_obips1 failed to start

the error returned is 0x80090303(the specified target is unknown or unreachable)

failed to retrieve data for this request. (microsoft.sqlserver.management.sdk.sfc) 2012

failed to extract the cab file in the solution. stsadm

battlefield bad company 2 failed to connect to ea online pc fix

failed to create project at location ssis script task

pes 2013 failed to initialize fix

ns-slapd high cpu


failed to enumerate objects in the container access is denied server 2012 r2

failed to kill shiva

couldn't open module intel

failed to verify referrer polls

gtk-message: failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module" centos

failed to add entry index generation failed at /usr/sbin/smbldap-populate

org.apache.http.protocolexception: the server failed to respond with a valid http response

failed to read iiswebs

rejected non fast forward git

failed to load hardware monitor driver

failed to access remote system registry, system error: the network path was not found

failed to clone disk the file already exists

failed to compile module vmmon 2.6.40-4

failed to create system.propertybagdata operations manager

failed to connect the operation completed successfully

ubuntu 16 failed to start session

failed to install crossfire launcher

sonicwall vpn failed to renew the ip address for the virtual interface

steam failed to contact key server offline mode

failed to create directx device windows 7

failed to update headers outlook 2010 imap yahoo

failed to retrieve list schema for feature

failed to get system information

failed to get configuration file wcmapiconfig.properties

client failed to connect to the d-bus daemon ubuntu

failed to create the d3d9 device this happen if the desktop is locked

failed to load resource the certificate for this server is invalid safari

service 'msexchangetransport' failed to reach status 'running' on this server exchange 2010

failed to receive broadcast e202 sharp

failed to read video_ts.ifo

the application failed to initialize properly (0xc000007b)

failed to read http request from new client socket port

failed to initialize the common language runtime (clr) v2.0.50727 due to memory pressure.

failed to create drawable nautilus

failed to copy from source : cannot copy file (5): access is denied

failed to create new database vss

no io ports found during enumeration

crystal reports the rowset column could not be found

ftp failed to change directory vsftpd

failed to retrieve rmiserver stub: javax.naming.namenotfoundexception: jmxrmi

failed to build manageddeployment for vfs.xml

failed to initialize the needed name objects

ios instruments permission to debug was denied

(vsim-19) failed to access library 'work' at work


failed to execute /init error -2

failed to load session ubuntu-2d

application error failed to find steam jade empire

failed to create component a reference to the component already exists in the project

failed to retrieve data from the database vendor code 208

failed to initialize steam airmech

failed to load viewstate.databind

failed to localize wsdl.import.should.be.wsdl

failed to allocate main memory vmware

failed to create virtual machine snapshot for the vm

warning failed to move file joomla

failed to load compact.usf skin

activation failed. an error was encountered when sending the activation transmission

failed to open a session on the device scanner mac

failed to load kernel module vmwgfx

failed to configure with exit status 255

this application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect

error was [errno 14] peer cert cannot be verified or peer cert invalid

failed to connect to any generaldirectoryserver

failed to lookup activationspec

failed to set project customization data qc

failed to create system discovery data scom

hyper-v error applying hard drive changes failed to add device

failed to get available product info office customization tool

failed to open netup classifier traffic file /netup/utm5/db/traffic.dat

failed to load firmware radeon/rs780_pfp.bin

0x80040702 failed to load dll

failed to get a tid

failed to connect to the bacula database webmin

failed to parse xml document with handler class

problem: failed to create task or type if cause: the name is undefined.

failed to make symlink /etc/rc2.d

failed to access microsoft exchange mailboxes backup exec

failed to play test tone windows 10 dell

i8042prt failed to load windows xp

failed to initialize the orb root exception is

failed to get sockio obj for

failed to read cluster chain map xbox

loading profiler failed during cocreateinstance. profiler clsid:

failed to read a required file wow

javax.wsdl.wsdlexception wsdlexception faultcode=parser_error problem parsing

biztalk cannot update send port

failed to find object material none


failed to build gem native extension mysql2 mac

failed to download file catalog.z from site update.nai.com 80

failed to parse xml descriptor

wlstexception: error occured while performing connect : user: weblogic, failed to be authenticated.

failed to connect to wmi namespace root cimv2 error 462

failed to start remote desktop service (vnc)

warning failed to load external entity xmllint

ajax post failed to load resource


failed to download patch file crossfire ph

failed to set locale defaulting to c centos 7

failed to start dynamips ubuntu 12.04

failed to load pre requisites for the application silverlight 5

failed to join domain over rpc nt_status_not_supported

failed to setautocommit to true for pool connection weblogic

the logon user interface dll msgina.dll failed to load

failed to create the virtualbox com object windows 7

failed to create net propertygrid

failed to find steam interface css

failed to open print engine

.net runtime version 2 failed to cocreate profiler

tracefmt.exe download

failed to start game with shared content black ops 2

failed to successfully scan

failed to create the filter graph object

failed to initialize appdomain

an operation required the virtual machine to quiesce and the virtual machine was unable to continue

module diskearly power on failed failed to lock the file

systemctl failed to get d-bus connection no such file or directory

failed to open keymap

an extended error has occurred failed to save local policy database server 2012

msg: failed to get sainfo.

failed to create folder android

failed to create symbolic link no such file or directory

veeam failed to flush file buffers

operations manager failed to start a process scom

how to start rpc.statd in linux

failed to create and read a temporary analysis log file driver pack solution

failed to execute goal org.codehaus.mojo

how to start nbdb in netbackup

this application failed to start because it could not find or load the qt platform plugin windows in

failed to negotiate session keys

failed to start component oid1

failed to update unattend.xml file

failed to connect to rootdse

failed to lock the file (40003) (0x2013)

failed to extract isrt.dll

gentoo nvidia

a process serving application pool failed to respond to a ping 5010

pokemon go failed to get game data from the server

failed to create nsrexecd run file

failed to install the hcmon driver windows 10

netapp hw_assist: bind failed to port 4444 on ip address error 49

failed to open or create sandbox directory

logon process has failed to create the security options dialog windows 2008

failed to load package manager unity

failed to evaluate table

failed to find romfile pxe-virtio.rom

failed to parse wsdl: targetnamespace not specified in wsdl:definitions

joomla warning failed to move file unable to upload file

proc-26: error while accessing the physical storage

how to fix failed to load game dll

installer failed to initialize. please download adobe support advisor mac

failed to get notification handle wsus

failed to get the serializationpolicy gwt rpc

vidioc_dqbuf invalid argument

failed to load resource server responded with a status of 404

failed to load the capturing subsystem nero

log4j failed to rename log file

vmware flat.vmdk file

failed to load instutil.dll

failed to read /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp

wd mionet discontinued

failed to load external entity xml

failed to load server.met

failed to register ole server initpki.dll

failed to authenticate the user which provided the following credentials

latest kro

failed to write to /etc/utmp

failed to retrieve blizzard launcher properties diablo 3

an extended error has occurred failed to save local policy database 2012

failed to start lsb: start samba smb/cifs daemon (smbd).

failed to load skin.dll

application package com.google.android.backup not found

failed to join cluster status 53

failed to send cue sheet invalid field in cdb

failed to send tweet photo android

failed to initialize security context the parameter is incorrect

failed to load control sstab

failed to create a gstreamer play object


failed to copy vuser_init.java

failed to get ras information

microsoft publisher 2010 will not open

mapi_e_call_failed outlook 2016

eclipse not starting exit code 13

failed to play protected bbc mp4 files

failed to add reference to system.web

failed to load it from msinet.ocx

failed to create the host-only adapter windows 10

failed to load or instantiate tagextrainfo class tomcat

ilm configuration: error 'err_config_db'.

failed to access iis metabase windows 2000

failed to load informix jdbc driver

an add-on for this website failed to run ie 11

marshalexception java

dkms part of installation failed. please refer to /usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log for details

keyboard initialization failed. this could be a missing or incorrect setup of xkeyboard-config.

download() failed with 0x80072ee2 sccm 2012 prerequisites

reason 442 failed to enable virtual adapter windows 7

failed to create event class

runtimewarning com.ibm.ws.webcontainer.exception.webappnotloadedexception failed to load webapp

failed to register service principal name exchange

failed to open device /dev/sg0 permission denied

failed to load dejavusansmono-roman.ttf

failed to get agid

failed to send snmp trap data protector

failed to create system.propertybagdata, no errors detected in the output. the process exited with 1

ovftool convert vmdk to ovf

failed to delete a domain from the database must be the owner to perform this operation

icq status checker

failed to create spool file /var/spool/exim4/input

failed to initialize birdefender friewall

frm-92050 failed to connect to the server in r12

oracle xe tns listener not starting windows 7

the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). click on ok to terminate the application

xrandr failed to get size of gamma for output default virtualbox

failed to load com32 file menu.c32 tails

hci0: bcm: reading local version info failed (-110)

failed to respond verizon

failed to add device 'virtual cd/dvd disk' user account does not have permission to open attachment

failed to resolve schema nsuri location persistence jboss

failed to fetch domain database nt_status_not_supported

the application failed to initialize because the window station is shutting down

failed to unlock dct4 plus

cannot run program "perl" : createprocess error=2, the system cannot find the file specified

failed to set security on destination profile access denied

failed to create agent factory for the agent mcafee agent

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