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failed to map share using netapi

failed to instantiate file from module source path not found

failed to execute sql statement biztalk

dbus-daemon-launch-helper exploit

php scandir not working

failed to create calibre library

failed to load external entity enterprise.wsdl.xml

failed to unregister class chrome

failed to create propertygrid component

failed to create empty document windows 10

failed to allocate memory android

ssis failed to acquire connection connection may not be configured correctly

failed to initialize authentication interface cs 1.6 non steam

nba 2k14 failed to initialize the emulator

ora-12560 tns protocol adapter error

failed to load acfe aki

failed to map the path in c#

apt-get update failed to fetch 404

symantec endpoint protection manager failed to connect to the server make sure

ultravnc failed to connect to server windows 7

vmware failed to execute the build command

failed to write session data (user)

wfcrun32 error unable to launch application

failed to open document invalid report version

failed to perform redirection

kali linux reaver warning failed to associate with

nintex failed to publish workflow error in the application

fopen failed to open stream permission denied windows

failed to fetch the text search configuration

windows error recovery windows 7 failed to start

failed to load mso97.dll

unity the system cannot find the file specified

failed to construct test pipeline for alsa advanced linux

ssis accessing variable failed with error code 0xc0010001

failed to open device nmap

failed to get ipsec sa configuration

fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly

failed to connect to word processor act 2000

failed to install trophies resident evil 5

failed to initialize mapi outcall

failed to create the configuration database sharepoint 2013

failed to allocate 40000000 memory android studio

failed to create the file ruby-1.9.2-p290.tar.bz2

failed to start bind webmin

failed to load external entity materials.xml

oracle vm virtualbox extension pack

ubuntu failed to download repository information 2016

failed to set call nam information

failed to retrieve share list from server: no such file or directory

failed to initialize graphics software requires sse2 support

failed to map the path iis

dvd decrypter failed to set data for dvddecrypterplaydvdmovieonarrival

failed to query for lkm

failed to load the jni shared library jvm.dll eclipse windows 8 64 bit

failed to send packet

failed to play test tone windows 10

failed to generate type library

failed to debug the windows azure cloud service project

virtualbox failed to attach the usb device busy with a previous request

failed to create a phonebook entry tata photon

file_put_contents failed to open stream permission denied laravel

failed to get schannel session key from server

module alsa card c failed to find a working profile

wsimport with certificate

createinstanceandunwrap could not load file or assembly

failed to create component sqldataadapter

failed to assign spn on account error 0x21c7/8647

apache failed to start windows

failed to execute child process ld_preload

failed to initialize hal

failed to execute the request because the asp net process

hwclock cannot open /dev/rtc no such file or directory

failed to register sharepoint services event id 104

failed to load viewstate gridview edit

cluster network name resource failed to create its associated computer object in domain during

failed to load target

failed to extract required files from archive wow

rtnetlink answers: file exists failed to bring up eth0.

veeam failed to flush change tracking data. using full scan incremental run

failed to locate filter tables for this bitmap

ssis excel source failed to retrieve long data for column

failed to load sequencer firmware file aic94xx seq fw

failed to load library mscorlib.dll

failed to grant minimum permission requests asp.net

failed to update the system registry inpage 2009

failed to find matching info hash

failed to start game (missing executable) mac

obs failed to initialize video unspecified error

failed to get cia file info downgrade

failed to auto-detect the port to use bitpim

failed to transfer the schema fsmo role 52

failed to get vm server info list netbackup 7

sharp aquos failed to receive broadcast

restriction service communication failure pnkbstrb.exe initialization failed

interface.mpq download

sqldmo.dll failed to register windows 10

failed to wait for process condition errno

failed to download repository information ubuntu 11.04

failed to read sav installpath from the registry

failed to write packet back host is down

logon user interface dll ralinkgina.dll failed to load

failed to start the streaming download wow

failed to send email 80040111

failed to load cpanel user file for

failed to enable constraints tableadapter

canberra-gtk-module failed to load

failed to search sack failure repodata/filelists.sqlite.bz2

failed to enumerate objects in the container access is denied windows 8

error installing mysql2: error: failed to build gem native extension.

failed to launch syntax check process pyflakes

failed to lock vertex buffer in cmeshdx8 lockvertexbuffer gmod

minecraft server failed to bind to port hamachi

failed to read device/vfb/0/backend-id

nba 2k14 crack only reloaded

c# datatable disable constraints

failed to send broadcast 2273

gconf error failed to contact configuration server redhat

failed to move message cache file

the system failed to flush data to the transaction log. corruption may occur. server 2003

failed to initialize player steam

failed to load steamui.so kali

failed to locate framework dll silhouette

this document failed to print windows 7

dpkg: error: failed to open package info file '/usr/local/var/lib/dpkg/status'

failed to open socket for http

failed to open stream: permission denied laravel

sslproxyengine on

dnet: failed to open device lo0

failed to load vmmr0.r0 (verr_suplib_owner_not_root)

asp.net ajax client-side framework failed to load in .net 4

registerdevicenotification c#

failed to read artifact descriptor eclipse

failed to load web filter dll

failed to download a platform extension microsoft.practices.prism.zip

failed to initialize msi interrupts

failed to execute child process awscan.exe

vboxvideo driver

failed to query driverpath


failed to process /etc/kernel/postinst.d

failed to write stream data

kernel panic no init found try passing init option to kernel

vmware workstation 12 failed to install hcmon driver

failed to connect output pin on avi splitter

failed to download client files by bits. error 0x800704dd

failed to bind to dc in domain

failed to load extension org tgwbd driver

failed to load mof aspnet.mof

failed to load steamui.dll fix

failed to initialise 0x80040109

failed to create directory /usr/share/enlightenment/icons

failed to load sqlspars.dll sql server 2005

the dependency service or group failed to start windows 7 network and sharing center

failed to connect the operation completed successfully realvnc

failed to write audit log entry com.mcafee.orion.core.audit

failed to reserve large pages memory req addr (errno = 12)

failed to save aich

please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/var/lib/php/session)

failed to process tld with path /web-inf/struts-bean.tld and uri /web-inf/struts-bean.tld

arcserve udp console page cannot be displayed

this disc cannot be burned because the device failed to calibrate the laser power

veeam failed to download disk. shared memory connection was closed

dawn of war graphics configuration error

failed to receive ccm message response. status code = 404

failed to contact game server cs 1.6 solution

failed to load the launcher dll left 4 dead 2 non steam

failed to execute default web browser xubuntu

failed to evaluate table probe 265

vmotion fails at 21%

failed to dismount offline database failed to take cluster resource

biztalk deploy failed to add resource is already in store

loadlibraryfrompath: fq dll c:\windows\system\oci.dll is not found

failed to change state hyper v 2012

failed to receive last update status from the firmware

failed to start deployable object sap.com/grc ccappcomp

failed to create the file ruby-1.9.3-p0.tar.bz2 permission denied

failed to import activex control visual studio 2015

msme product database failed to store a record

android exchange activesync failed to create the account

failed to get value of snmp variable. variable does not exist (nosuchname(2))

netbackup restore status 2850

failed to open stream: http request failed! http/1.1 401 unauthorized in

failed to ripen the tracking data

cmd failed to connect to registry 1326

failed to read iismimemap table

failed to setautocommit

failed to load applicationcontext junit spring boot

failed to load tnd

bash sleep

service 'msexchangetransport' failed to reach status 'running' on this server exchange 2013

this application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect reinstalling

failed to validate remote gssapi token unknown code 0

failed to install socket filter

failed to load the list of images visit the repository

failed to load module vmware centos

failed to archive log file to user exit from

failed to write packet back

wondershare mobiletrans iphone failed to connect

failed to exec /sbin/modprobe

failed to verify anonymous wam account

wpa_supplicant exited with return code 1 debian

distribution manager failed to process package sccm 2012 r2

failed to create direct3d device roller coaster tycoon 3

failed to create listen socket filezilla

failed to abandon contract 66 permission denied

teamspeak gameservers

git failed to add the host to the list of known hosts

failed to find wsa.jar

org.apache.http.nohttpresponseexception the target server failed to respond java

failed to send player information packet realflight

solidworks initializing vba engine

failed to join domain type or value exists centos

failed to load the launcher dll cs go fix

citrix xenapp failed to connect to the datastore. odbc error while connecting to the database

failed to unmarshal interface java.util.list

failed to open dataset asigra

failed to get permission to flash firmware rsa

failed to create receiver object from assembly sharepoint 2013

failed to load the language text from the xml file

failed to load lvmdriver esxi 4.0

dll initialization failed windows xp

signature verification failed galaxy s3

ubuntu software updater failed to download package files

failed to update committed transaction in sql docid is 8

the peer is not responding to phase 1 isakmp requests sonicwall vpn

failed to get a contiguous extension of volume

failed to create asp object for remote script

failed to open the group policy object on this computer you may not have appropriate rights

file_get_contents failed to open stream invalid argument in

failed to call designated initializer on nsmanagedobject class swift

failed to load the authzsvnaccessfile section header expected

failed to reserve contiguous memory

failed to initialize the orb websphere 6.1

failed to start perlsoap protocol

warning require_once failed to open stream wordpress

failed to create sample data. an exception of type system.nullreferenceexception was thrown

failed to initialize gadget registrar

fail - failed to deploy application at context path tomcat

failed to reverse replication

failed to enumerate adapters dolphin

failed to construct test pipeline

failed to load project desc from frec

failed to add language monitor 11 rle6am language monitor

slim failed to execute login command freebsd

failed to enlist the transaction


failed to load aot module

failed to initialize glx extension compatible nvidia

failed to load the launcher dll srcds

failed to insert object from replication file

mcafee epo 5.3 the product catalog has not been downloaded yet

cli_rpc_pipe_open_schannel: failed to get schannel session key from server

failed to create an instance of com progress ui object

failed to decompress the archive epson

failed to create asp application

failed to configure the service netlogon as requested dcpromo demote

failed to access iis metabase asp.net

the application failed to initialize properly 0xc0000022

failed to change flexlm license server

smbpasswd failed to add entry for user centos

failed to query the needed interfaces for dvd

failed to load remote gems spec_fetcher.rb

failed to load external entity simplexml_load_file

failed to obtain options consistency info from peer openvpn

failed to open stream http request failed http/1.1 404 not found in php

windows failed to start. a recent hardware or software change might be the cause

cannot run game failed to set up graphics system fm 2016

failed to load afw

pumpkin failed to create listening socket

failed to open etc samba secrets.tdb opensuse

itunesadmin.dll download

apt-get update failed to fetch hash sum mismatch

error 1904 module failed to register hresult

informatica invalid lookup override

failed to execute runnable widget is disposed

cannot open the disk or one of the snapshot disks it depends on. failed to lock the file

failed to retrieve disk array authentication credentials none exists

installation failed reason load on module failed failed to load security policy

failed to receive broadcast e202 sharp aquos

failed to load the default scheme file the map views may be missing some visual elements

failed to read artifact descriptor for org.seleniumhq.selenium

failed to initialize remote display subsystem vmware player

the dynamic library rld.dll failed to initialize (e0)

failed to vm allocate 32 bytes

ora-01562 failed to extend rollback segment number 9

error vcom 7 failed to open design unit file in read mode

failed to start scanner out of memory

failed to start monitoring changes to web config because access is denied

failed to authorize right system login tty by client

failed to get domain controller name for this published server

fusermount: failed to unmount device or resource busy

failed to launch help mfc

failed to update database because the database is read-only sql server

failed to enumerate domains

bumblebee could not load gpu driver

failed to load kext com apple driver appleusbehci

"client is not responding. netvault must be active before the client may be added"

failed to load module vesa ubuntu

failed to decrypt an encrypted xml node because the password was not specified or not correct

failed to set socket option

failed to connect to sql server enterprise vault

failed to retrieve data from the database crystal reports

can't change profile picture on whatsapp

failed to load javax.xml.ws.spi.provider com.sun.xml.ws.spi.providerimpl

service vsftpd start failed centos

rsl error 1 of 3

failed to initialize directx 11 hitman absolution

failed to load database information crystal reports visual studio 2013

failed to apply web.config modifications to web application

an add-on for this website failed to run java

failed to create directory /var/spool/exim/db permission denied

problem: failed to create task or type for cause: the name is undefined.

samba failed with error nt_status_no_such_user

matlab mt : general error c101008d: failed to write the updated manifest to the resource of file

failed to establish a session. timeout padi

radeon settings failed to create opengl context for format

failed to create component axhost vb net

failed to open eeprom

failed to execute default web browser input output error

failed to load jit compiler net

failed to alter the spatial reference arcgis

crtslv dll failed to register hresult 2147010895

device added successfully but failed to connect bluetooth ubuntu

failed to set up copy protection system error code 0

failed to get agent interface pointers wsus

failed to set mixer device caps

tns 03505 failed to resolve name used parameter files sqlnet ora

failed to sync mbus atomic

failed to load the launcher dll cs go

failed to create d3d device steam

failed to detect the directx april 2006 update

failed to reconnect receiver on endpoint mllp

failed to receive data from the client agent. ec=10060

failed to rename preinstall file ntfrs

cannot open the disk or one of the snapshot disks it depends on

failed to add entry for user smbpasswd centos

xsane failed to open device error during device i/o

failed to open as standard output permission denied errno 13

battlefield bad company 2 failed to connect to ea online xbox 360

failed to install catalog files sp2 2003

failed to read file world model.blob

thunderbird failed to connect to server imap

failed to init export modules

failed to dump the current vrdb into

failed to read delivery status for from delivery subprocess

failed to copy the dvd

failed to connect to the specified server. do you want to continue

failed to allocate video memory civ 4

failed to connect to ftp server localhost:21 ubuntu

synchronize database failed to create a session

the system cannot access one or more event logs

failed to lock the file cannot open the disk

failed to unregistering spuninst.exe

failed to remove connection connectioninfo

failed to connect to server ragnarok private server

failed to resolve firebase core

downgrade firefox

failed to compare two elements in the array c# sort

failed to export the pdf file indesign cc

failed to copy resources tomcat

failed to launch helloandroid.apk

oblivion failed to initialize renderer. getadapterdesc() failed

systemd-remount-fs.service failed

failed to echo oam

failed to start monitoring changes to global.asax because access is denied

failed to install asp net scriptmaps

failed to evaluate installed rule hr 80070057

ora-27211 failed to load media management library netbackup

cannot run game failed to set up copy protection system

failed to join egress list on ethernet

failed to resolve or extend prefs key

good access failed to negotiate secure communication

swrast_dri so undefined symbol _glapi_tls_dispatch

microsoft baseline security analyzer 2.3 failed to download security update databases

failed to localize wsimport parsingwsdl

failed to discover local agent

failed to get schema upgrade lock

failed to prepare partial iu r com.android.ide.eclipse.ddms

failed to load template/stash/xs.pm

failed to open config file /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf

failed to read package file sharepoint import

failed to import media wordpress xml

failed to initialize paper source

msxml.dll download

failed to resample input files for output

an imap command failed. protocol: imap server: mail.btinternet.com port: 993

wpa_supplicant daemon failed to start raspberry pi

failed to enable crypto php

srtsp failed to load

failed to create the protected output directory

client failed to connect to the d-bus daemon firefox

operf tutorial

failed to start dynamips osx

failed to start simulation kernel

service dhcpd start failed redhat

failed to find runtime dll (clr.dll), 0x80004005

failed to map segment from shared object permission denied httpd

failed to communicate with parent router

arch failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)

failed to create snapshots of replica devices. sra command 'testfailoverstart' failed

failed to register device manager and codec filter for com

failed to lock the package manager ubuntu 10.10

/etc/freeradius/sites-enabled/default 177 failed to load module sql

failed to mount cgroup at /sys/fs/cgroup/systemd: permission denied

server tomcat v8.0 server at localhost failed to start in eclipse

php failed to open stream: permission denied

failed to execute sql string edgesight

failed to register the service principal name 'microsoft virtual system migration service'.

hl exe failed to initialize authentication interface

failed to load window nib file cocoa

the key display name is either missing or has an incorrect value

apoint.exe alps_setmousemonitor error

arcgis (lmgrd) failed to open the tcp port number in the license

failed to insert module 'autofs4' oracle linux 7

failed to parse tnsnames ora file service alias exception 11

failed to instantiate driver regclone.drv

failed to allocate mem resource 6

ubuntu failed to load module glx

failed to initialize properly 0xc06d007e

failed to start sasl negotiation

download cumulative update for windows 10 version 1511 for x64-based systems (kb3172985)

failed to open the connection crystal report

failed to plumb e1000g0

failed to read processor_architecture environment variable

failed to retrieve the message auf deutsch

failed to find the parent content type id

failed to uninstall device windows xp

failed to register add-in

failed to create direct3ddevice object d3derr_invalidcall

root sh configuration of asm failed see logs for details

"error: failed to prepare java" jenkins

crm 2011 failed to allocate a managed memory buffer

veeam unable to release guest unfreeze error

file_get_contents failed to open stream http request failed http/1.1 400 bad request

file_get_contents failed to open stream php

failed to create the gpo for the domain domain_name

failed to set calendar date or time delphi

failed to acquire ssl session cache lock apache

xencenter failed to import vhd

failed to load afw.sys driver

aspera error code 56

failed to load oblivion.dll

failed to open the tcp port number in the license arcgis

php copy failed to open stream no such file or directory

php warning file_get_contents failed to open stream

failed to bring up eth0 ubuntu

failed to remove package protection

failed to connect to information server engine (the connection has timed out (81015))

regsvr32 module failed to load

failed to initialize ssl exception verification parameters

session_start(): failed to initialize storage module: user (path: ) codeigniter

failed to register rose.exe

esi: getresponse: failed to get response: rc = 11

failed to retrieve data for this request sql server 2008

the frx sysdata location is not valid

what is /dev/fuse

steam failed to contact key server fix

unable to open kernel device . global vmx86 vmware player

d3d10.dll download

failed to sign in to oovoo

failed to import volatility.plugins

failed to create component axhost vlc

failed to create graphics device fix

failed to generate offline address book 9301

org.codehaus.plexus.archiver.archiverexception: you must set at least one file.

550 failed to open file ftp

failed to load x86 oracle client library (oci.dll) from path

failed to open config.lua angry birds seasons

failed to get registry service for url openjms

failed to build boost.build build engine consult 'bootstrap.log' for more details

failed to contact key server gta 5

failed to unistall device

failed to retrieve the message deutsch

java plugin failed to load kronos

failed to load applicationcontext junit spring maven

failed to install .apk on device 'emulator-5554' timeout

failed to open vdpau backend libvdpau_va_gl.so ubuntu

failed to contact key server steam


failed to launch help htmlhelp

failed to connect to local computer because win32 access is denied

failed to read netlist

failed to install iskernel files msi

failed to initialize the crypto context . return code 1

failed to reallocate tx buffer

handle_request_invite: failed to authenticate device

failed to decrypt protected xml node dts password key not valid

failed to generate type library using midl.exe

failed to expand shell folder constant user desktop

libdc1394 ubuntu

filezilla client failed to create listen socket aborting

mpd failed to open audio output pulse

sccm 2012 failed to update site assignment

failed to initialize winsock 98

failed to launch rads/system/ rads_user_kernel .exe

nasdaq delisting appeal process

failed to start remote control process 997

spldr failed to load server 2008

) the root element of the document is not .

failed to load tpm esx 4

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